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European standard clay bricks - Price List
Misfired Bricks on house facade
Rustic clay bricks in european size for garden brickwall - Project in Germany
Heritage wood facade - Napoleonic Wars
Project: Brickfacade with heritage used look bricks
Project: Drink Bar in Warsaw Hexagon clay floor tiles - custom made
25.000 pcs. handmade and coal fired roof tiles
 Replacement joints in old wall - a classic recipe for lime grout .
Project: The fortress of the Knights Templar in Malbork
Project: Special hand-made bricks for custom brickfacade in Potsdam (Pha Design, Holzmarktstreet)
Project: reconstruction of historic ancient floor in medieval Cloister in Chorin / Germany
Project: Brick for Brick shelves in a private vinnery
Project: reconstruction of special clay brick for cornice part
Project: special clay bricks for Brickwork renovation in Cloister Chorin - Germany
Special clay bricks for cornice cconstruction
Project: yellow - pink european standard bricks for brickwall construction
Project: renovation of heritage brick facade in Neubukow / Germany.
Project: custom produced clinker hexagon floor tiles in shaded red.
Project: reconstruction of medieval special clay brick for preservation works in Closter Chorin - Germany
Project: reneval of medieval roof in Cloister Chorin - Germany
Replica of heritage roof tiles - plain tiles
Project - Poland, non standard slate stone wall
Custom special clay brick for cornice building on the brick facade
Project: brickfacade built with use hand-molded bricks in belgians size: 18x9x5cm
Project: Medieval Church in Gollmitz / Germany - floor renovation wit use non-standard handmade floor tiles
European Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation DENKMAL 2012
Project: special clay brick for renovation the neo-gothic Town House Facade
Project: Reconstruction of the historic neo-gothic fence post (Poland)
Project: renovation of the ancient floors in the Old Vineyard (Germany)
Project: Standard European Handmolded Brick for Brickfacade (Privat / Germany)
New project: renovation of the damaged facade of a medieval chapel in Germany
Project: Renovation of the heritage floor in passage between the historic houses of the Art Nouveau period (built 1900)
Project: nonstandard brick facade made of reclaimed bricks (Germany)
Project: renovation of the damaged medieval brick wall in Havelberg / Germany
Project: custom clay tiles for restoration of heritage medieval church floor (Polen)
Project: bricks and special bricks replacement in brickfacade in gothic church
Custom clay products - replicas for preservation and renovation of heritage buildings [VIDEO]
Special brick making - reconstruction of rose window [VIDEO]
Project: renovate the church floor (Denmark)
Project: Custom hexagonal floor tiles for the renovation of the floor of the historic church (The Netherlands)
Project: Brickfacade - handmade bricks and saltglazed nonstandard clinker
Project: providing 50.000 pcs reclaimed clinker pavement to SALZHEMMENDORF / Hannover (Germany)
Custom non standard clinker tiles for heritage neo-gothic facade
The granary la suite hotel - Wrocław. Restoring of ancient masonry with use handmolded non-standard bricks
Renovation of Chapel of the Holy Spirit - handmade special bricks
Medieval city wall in Prenzlau / Germany
Special brick for renovation of facade of neogothic church in  Germany
custom made clinker pavement for the renovation of historic bridge (Lublin, Poland)
Green yellow flammed paving brick
Headquarter of the Volunteer Fire Brigade: Facade renovation.
Custom Flooring
Medieval City Hall - brick replacement and repointing
Combination of half-timbered construction with a "Gründerzeit" clinker brick
Project: Eco-Vilage House - built with only reclaimed bricks, wood and other historical building materials
adaptation of old barn
timber-framed adobe house (Poland)
Kubicki's Arcade in Royal Castle (Warsaw /Poland)
Special shaped yellow brick - The Astrophysical Observatory Potsdam
shalled river stones and reclaimed bricks. Modern wall with history
Water struck facing red bricks
custom made floor tiles in a short series
frost damaged bricks
Crucifixion, Resurrection and Last Judgement. The Gothic church of Our Lady of Candlemas
reclaimed bricks and brick masonry
neo-gothic architecture and modern technology
fine stoneware floor tiles - custom made replica for historical and non-standard flooring
reclaimed brick wall
facade red clinker and glazed special bricks - Church of Our Lady (Swiebodzin, Poland)
types of mortar joints in historic masonry
St. Matthias Church - gothic brickwork restored. Historic Lasur
Green yellow brickwork. Special facade bricks
Caffe Bar. Special brick tiles for heritage design
3D scanning of historic building and objects
Renovation of medieval church St. Hedwig (Poland)
Project: frost damaged facade clinker in "Jugendstil" Townhouse (built year: 1898)
Project: Cracow - restoration of medieval heritage monuments built in the thirteenth century
Facing handmade bricks - private property (Germany, Brandenburg)
Castle Kartlow (Germany). Hand made custom bricks and special shaped bricks.
ground clay and ground bricks
cherry red facade brick
Privat property (Bruges, Belgium)
Brick Farmhouse
Village Church (Podlasie, Poland)